The Making of a Plan

4 Year old skier

For several years we have enjoyed the pleasures of living on a private recreational lake and boating on it and the local rivers. The lake we live on permitted fishing, sailing and swimming, but not gas powered boats, so our skiing activities required much more travel and time than our other recreation activities.

Living on a recreational lake has the big advantage of being able to come home to your vacation home every day. An excellent way to live life and to raise a family. We decided we wanted to extend this life style to include our skiing activities also.

After talking with several of our friends we found that we shared this desire. Although all of us had looked, none of us could find a site that provides easy access to employment opportunities and had the lake amenities that we were looking for. The logical conclusion was of course simple. Find some land and build what we were looking for.

Ninovan Lake - Objectives