December 2015 Creek Pumping

Pumping commenced on 12-05-15 and continued through 12-20-15  this after multiple 1″ or more rain showers in the previous weeks to saturate the fields.  Creek level prior to pumping was moderate, MK 10 on the stake, 20″ deep

The 4″ trash pump ran for 13 day’s, was off for one day due to lak of flow in the creek, it ran at 1200 RPM for 12 hours once the creek caught up some

We turned it up to 1500RPM after 1.75″ rain, plenty of flow.

The thought was we were not benefiting from having the pump run at full throttle (1800 RPM ) due to the limited capacity of the 4″ Hose.

It was tough to get accurate lake elevation numbers daily due to it being very breezy. But it is my thought that the lake went up 3/4″ while the pump was at full throttle, and only 1/2″ or slightly less at 1500 RPM.

Overall, during the 14 day span, the lake came up about 10″ on 1.75″ of rain. Lake level at -12. Followed by another 1″ on 12-21 to bring the lake to -10.5

Total expense 1601.10 for two weeks of pumping.

952.37 Pump Rental ( includes 115.64 for Rental Protection )

61.00 Fuel & Oil Filters ( service completed by Ben Schwinn, moral support by Keith ) pump picked up by Ben & and returned by Mike Straub.

Fuel Cost 587.73. Fill up by Ben, Keith, and Mark Kline.

Fuel was $2.40 per gallon

2015 Fall Creek Pumping

HOA Email Action on 12/9/15-12/10/15


Discussions were had around forming a pumping committee and the percentage split between the HOA and the Ski Club.  There is currently $4,000 already budgeted for lake pumping in the HOA budget. A motion was made by Keith to form a committee of Ben Schwinn, Keith Erchinger, Brad Lanka, Matt Dumsdorff, and Mike Mass for the purpose of managing the lake level via pumping from the creek to the west within the budgets established.  Cost of the pumping operations should be split between the HOA and the Skiclub on a 50% / 50% basis. Motion was seconded by Jim Herman.  The motion passed with votes as follows:

Keith: Yea
Ben: Yea
Tom: Nay
Seth: Nay
Jim: Yea
Sidney: Nay
Dianne: Yea
Dave: Yea
Allan: Yea