Cat tail Eratication work – 2015

Ski Club is coordinating cat tail spraying.   Please leave areas that have been sprayed for 2-3 week so that the chemicals can kill the roots.

Note: Roundup type herbicides are used at low concentrations to spray the leaf out of the water only.  No chemicals are added to the water.

Several people volunteered to help with cutting and removing.


Combined HOA & Ski Club Meeting – June 4th, 2015

HOA: Brad Lanka (Pres), Keith Erchinger (VP), Doug Salvatori (Treas), Mike Mass (Sec.), Allan Lundeen, Diane Gifford, Lori  Casey, Jim Herman (VP-on phone)

Members:  Marty Gannon, Ben Schwinn, Seth Freeman, Katie Salvatori , Jackie Mass,  Gene & Cindi Martin, Liz Swarczynski, Teryl Lundeen, Ed Guidi, Matt Dumstorf, Mark Hayden, Marcus Hayden, Tom Hugunin, Mike & Cheryl Delrose, Butch and Sue Cooper, Brian Casey, Kerri Courtright

Meeting was opened by Keith.  The purpose of this information meeting is to present information to entire subdivision on the activities the Ski Club has done this year to improve the lake level and to begin discussions on what long term plans should be made to support the health of our lake.  The lake is a valuable asset to the subdivision and affect the value of all of the homes in the subdivision.

Brief History: Lake was dug in 2002, filled in 2003 and 2004, First ski in 2004.  Lake is built above neighboring streams and above the water table.  A compacted clay liner was constructed in the lake to allow the lake level to be higher that the water table.  Water to fill the lake come from rain on the subdivision and a local shallow well installed in 2004 to pump from the water table just below the lake bottom.  The well capacity is about 90 to 105 gallons per minute.  2010 through 2012 were the highest lake levels.  The well was able to be turned off for about 20% of the time in 2010-2012.  The last 2 years has been a drought and lake levels have fallen about 3 feet.

Maintenance of the compacted clay liner is critical to maintaining the water level in the lake.  The south shore was restored this year by cleaning weeds and clay brought in to perform restoration and compaction of the shore from the deterioration from the freeze thaw cycles and cattails.  The snow melt provided some quick gains that were lost very quickly.  The cattails particularly above the water line seemed to be a major contributor to the problem.  In deep water the cattail roots do not need to seek water.  In shallow water or above the waterline the roots go deep looking for water.  Work was done at an opportunistic time when the shoreline was dry.  The rain that came provide about 2.5 to 3 inches with post rain losses similar to what has been normal for this lake.  Cost of the restoration was about $6500

The company that provided the product and consulting during the construction of the lake “Seapage Control” has always said that compaction of the liner is always beneficial especially after the winter frost has had a chance to loosen it.  Maintaining lake level and keeping the liner saturated will prevent cracking and help to maintain the seal.  Allowing the liner to dry out will require a period of time of higher seapage until the liner saturates and reseals.  Preventing erosion of the liner is of obvious importance.

Mike Mass has a lot of detailed lake level readings that he has correlated into loose rates.  The data confirms what has been said by Seapage Control.  Comparing current lake readings to this data helps to determine when problems exist.

In 2014 some preliminary surveying of the farm to the west of the subdivision was done to determine if the creek that ran through it was viable to provide water for the lake.   It was determined that the creek was lower than the lake until it crossed Minooka Road at the north end of the farm.  It is known that his creek will dry up during the summer months.  Water flow during the spring and summer seems sufficient but related to the amount of seapage and evaporation of the lake is difficult to assess.

The ski club had sufficient funds to investigate and test the idea of pumping from the creek to the lake which would help determine the capacity.  On May 4th the Ski Club began pumping from the creek to the west which is 12 feet lower than the lake.  Pump capacity is about 400 GPM but at times the 4 inch pump needs to be throttled down due or shut down to low creek flows.  One month cost is about $5,600.  The Club purchased the hose to help control cost.  Fuel cost is about $60-$80 per day.  Output from the pump at peak flows is about 576,000 gallons per day.  To date, the lake level is up about 21 inches which equates to about 12 million gallons of water plus seapage and evaporation which could add up to an additional 6 million gallons.  Estimated total water gain from rain, pumping  and the well could easily be almost 20 million gallons for the one month period.

Cattail eradication is a current activity that the Ski Club has set as a goal for 2015.  Work has begun already along the south and east shores and through the quiet cove of the lake toward the access lot.  Long term plan needs to be developed.

Lake insurance is a risky and problematic situation.  Our subdivision is a very unique community giving it a very specific character.  The open access of the homeowners to the lake is a different than most neighborhood lakes and limits the number of insurance carriers that will provide coverage.

The ability to pump from the creek has proven to be a viable solution to obtaining water.

The optimum time to fill the lake would be in the fall to cover as much of the liner with water to minimize the impact from frost.  Historically fall is a fairly dry period.  Flow in the creek during the fall still needs to be investigated.  We have seen gains in November and December in the past.  Dealing with freezing conditions into November and December make handling the pump all the more difficult.  May, June and early July is the other time of the year when we see the biggest gains.

Purchase a used pump is about $19,000
Cost to rent a pump is $1,300 per month including service.
Cost for a permanent pipe is about $3 per foot.  Currently we are using about 900 feet of hose.

An open discussion was had by everyone present.  We have attempted to incorporate the discussion and some subsequent questions/answers into the information presented above.

Action List:

  • Tom Hugunin to contact his guy to get a proposal to look at the lake.
  • Lori to contact some people for more options.
  • All member present to give Doug their current e-mail to provide better communications
  • Investigate the cost of obtaining water from the Village – Brad
  • Investigate cost of an aquatic weed cutting machine – Diane
  • Update the website to provide more information – Jackie Mass
  • Determine best guess at annual water needs and cost to continue – Keith
  • Ben volunteered to help cut weeds and cat tails.
  • Send out letter to all lake homeowner that we will be cutting cattails – Ski Club
  • Set up as a bulk e-mail for better communications – Mike Mass

Ninovan HOA Meeting 3/21/2014

Ninovan HOA Meeting 3/21/2014

Present: Keith Erchinger, Jim Herman, Tim Manning, Dave Deahl, Jackie Mass(standing in for board member Mike Mass), Kerri Courtright, Allan Lundeen

Guests: Teryl Lundeen, Kim Gleason, Butch Moore, Doug Salvatori, Katie Salvatori, Janelle Eaton, Mike Straube, Diane Gifford, Linda Erchinger

Board Members Absent: Lori Casey, Cyndi Campbell

Architectural Committee: Dave Deahl-Chair – 2 houses have started and a 3 third is planned for the spring. The 3 house is on lot 42 original plans had 2 car garage, it has been changed to 3 car. Lot 3 Gene & Cindy plan on moving in soon.

Open Forum: Concerns were brought up about the covenants not being followed in regards to recreational vehicles, work vehicles, boats, and boat trailers. Several people would like to see this followed. Dave D. said that it is also a city ordinance and residents could be fined. A reminder to neighbors that the speed limit is 25 mph and to keep dogs on a leash. A discussion of former Egly home (house next to access lot) residents would like the house to be brought into compliance with the covenants and would the bank do this?

It was brought up that a strange car was parking in the driveway of the former Egly house. There was also a Jeep driving through the neighborhood with 2 people looking into mailboxes. If you notice anything out of the ordinary to call Minooka Police at the non-emergency number 815-467-2151.

Landscape & Grounds Committee: Keith Erchinger-Chair –Access lot is not being mowed to everyone’s standards. It is being mowed at peak times of use. Landscape committee would like to increase their budget by $6,000 for trees for berm, trees to shield rest area, plantings at entrance island and to hire some to mow the access lot and other spaces.

Weed Control: Ski Club looking at hiring a new person to do weed control which would increase the costs.

Social Committee: Sue Cooper-Chair (absent Butch Moore spoke on her behalf) Sue would like to step down from this committee. Suggestions were made that Marty Gannon be made the chairperson of the committee.

A discussion about broken glass at the access lot particularly in the water area. The discussion continued about having a garbage can at the access lot. One suggestion was to have the can from the park moved to the access lot and the village empty it. Within the discussion it was brought up that if we have a garbage can at the beach it will bring animals and perhaps more glass in the area of the swimming. Request for a “No glass allowed” sign to be posted at the access lot. – Jackie Mass will look into having a sign made.

Election of directors: Tim Manning, Cyndi Campbell, Kerri Courtright & Lori Casey’s terms were expiring. Tim Manning choose to step down from the board and not seek re-election. The election was opened to the guests to see if anyone was willing to be part of the board.Doug Salvatori and Kim Gleason both said they were willing to be on the board. Lori Casey is staying on board. Kerri Courtright will stay as a member at large. Cyndi Campbell is willing to stay on if necessary.

Business Meeting:

Appointment of officers:

  • President: Dave Deahl
  • Vice-President: Keith Erchinger and Jim Herman
  • Secretary: Mike Mass
  • Treasurer: Doug Salvatori

Meetings for 2014: March 21, 2014, July 25, 2014, November 7, 2014 and February 20, 2015

Request that the notice for the future meetings be sent out at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting.

Weed Control proposed split: motion made by Jim Herman to split 75% – 25% with the ski club for weed control. Seconded by Diane Gifford. All in favor.

Budget: Line items for the budget were set at:

  • Insurance: $929.00
  • Taxes: $15.00
  • Legal: $500.00
  • Postage/Office supplies $160.00
  • Weed Control: $10,500.00
  • Social: $1,000.00
  • Ground: $3,000.00
  • Fish: $600.00
  • Landscape projects: $2,500.00
  • Well repairs: $700.00

Motion by Jim Herman set dues at $400.00 Motion seconded by Keith Erchinger. Teryl Lundeen voiced her opinion against.

Current bills to pay: Insurance $929.00 and PO Box rental $30.00 Motion to pay items Jackie Mass seconded by Doug Salvatori.

Meeting Adjourned

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jackie Mass acting secretary